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iBomma APK for Android Download (Latest) | Telugu Tv Live and Movies 2023

Ibomma Apk is a Great Source of Enjoy Your Day By Watching Movies, TV Shows, and Web series. If You Are Looking to watch the Latest movies or web series, then ibomma is the best choice for you; it has a vast collection of Hollywood, Bollywood, and Telugu movies, and all the genre is available on ibomma, you can play movies without any lag and buffering.

To download the ibomma apk click on the given button and Enjoy your day By Watching movies with great experiences you never had before

Introducing IBomma Apk:

What is IBomma Apk and How Does It Work?

Are you Here to Get the Best App to Watch telugu Movies and web series? Here is the best app, Known as Ibomma Apk, Ibomma is an App That provides us best Trending movies and Web series as well as Shows. ibomma apk has a Huge Database of Indian shows, which is not easy to find all over the internet.

The best feature of this app is it is free of Cost and provides the best Premium layout. It provides Videos in many Qualities like 360p,480p, 720p, 1080p and also in HD.. it provides all genre Content which is paid on other apps but in ibomma it is free.
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Additional APP Information

NameIbomma Apk
Android requires5.0 or Above
Last Updated2023


Ibomma Interface
Ibomma Quality Movies
Uncharted Movie in Ibomma

Key Features and Capabilities of IBomma Apk:

ibomma has some unbelievable Feature which is only provided by some premium applications, but ibomma is provided for free. It allows for all entertainment options (Movies, telugu Movies, Web series, Shows, and Many More)

Some of the Exciting Features are Below:

  • Free of Cost
  • Smooth Experience
  • Multiple Language Support
  • Free Subtitles
  • Smooth experience
  • Customer Support
  • Multi-language
  • support
  • Multiple languages
  • Unlimited HD Movies
  • Fast Speed Loading Content
  • Offline Download
  • Regular Updates
  • No Ads
  • Many Formats are Available, like Hd, Blu-Ray, CAM
  • less Battery Consumption
  • no ReCAPTCHA
  • All Devices Allowed
  • Use Friendly Structure
  • 22 Languages Supported
  • Dont Required Any Registration
  • Offline Download
  • No Buffer
  • Hollywood, Bollywood, and telugu Movies and Web Series 
  • All Countries Allowed

Free of Cost:

As Everyone Knows, other apps provide these services in their paid feature, but ibomma is now Giving them Free of Cost.

Smooth Experience:

Ibomma is known for its Smooth and Wonderful Experience and Layout, which interact with Users.

Multiple Language Support:

Ibomma has a Big Database with Multi-Language Support. Some of them are Below:

Language list:

  • English
  • telugu
  • Tamil
  • Hindi
  • French
  • Kannada
  • Punjabi
  • Bengali
  • Malayalam
  • Spanish
  • Gujrati

Free Subtitles:

Movies with subtitles are now the most Valuable and demanding feature of Any Streaming App, which helps the User Easily Understand the Language of a Movie.

Customer Support

Ibomma has an Advance Feature Known as Customer Support, which allows Users to file complaints about any bug or issue in the application.

Unlimited HD Movies

If you are searching for an app with all the latest and trending movie lists with one click-play feature, then ibomma is the right choice.

Fast Speed Loading Content

The fast Speed is the most required feature of any Streaming app, and this feature is now builtin into the ibomma apk

Offline Download

Most users love downloading the Movie on their device and playing it offline. In the latest version of the ibomma apk, this feature is now available. 

Regular Updates

No one Can Beat Ibomma in the Daily Updates System. Ibomma Apk usually Daily Update their System by Updating there apk.

No Ads

Ibomma Apk allows to use its premium Functions without displaying a single ad.

Many Formats are Available, like Hd, Blu-Ray, CAM

In most cases, ibomma Got the Movie in multiple formats before Publishing it in Theaters. 

less Battery Consumption

In the latest apk, a new feature is announced, which is less battery consumption which allows a user to watch a Movie without losing a high battery.


This is another feature that most apps don’t have while watching a movie/series, and no Captcha will be displayed.

All Devices Allowed

In Android Devices, all devices can install the ibomma app without issues.

Dont Required Any Registration

When You Open Ibomma App, You Will Notice that there is no Procedure to Register an account, which means you do not need to worry about any registration process.

No Buffer

The latest app Buffer issue has been fixed, and now you can enjoy Streaming Movies Without any Late Loading.

All Countries Allowed

Most users think there is some restriction in some countries in the ibomma app, but this is just a myth. There is no restriction in the ibomma app.

Downloading and Installing IBomma:

Finding and Downloading the Latest Version of IBomma

There are some steps to Download the Latest Version.

  1. To Download The Latest Version You Can Freely Visit Ibomma Apk Official Site.
  2. Scroll Down the Page till You See a Download Button.
  3. Click on the Download Button and Your Downloading Will be Start Shortly

Step-by-Step Guide to Installing IBomma Apk

There are some steps to Install the Downloaded File.

  1. After Download Apk Go to Your File Manager and Click on the Downloaded File
  2. Allow the Third Party App Installation
  3. Click on Install and Wait for the Installation Process to Complete

Updating IBomma Apk to the Latest Version

If You Already Downloaded Any Old Version of Ibomma Apk Then You Also have a Build in Feature to Update Your App To the Latest Version:

  1. For Update Open The app and Click on the Settings Button
  2. You Will Get The Prompt of Settings Section
  3. Click on the Update Button
  4. Wait for the complete the update and Enjoy

Details Guide About Interface of IBomma Apk:

The Interface of Ibomma Apk is Designed To Watch Telugu Movies and Shows with a Better Experience Than Other Apps. To Get the List of Telugu Movies or Top Rated Movies with Different Genres You Can Just Click on The Movies Section Presented on The Main Screen of the App.

You Can Click on Your Favorite Movie, By Clicking it You Will Get the Option To Watch Trailer or Full Movie, You there You Can Either Play it Directly or Click on the Save offline Button to Play it Without Internet.

Ibomma Has Many Features Like Subtitles, Audio Tracks, and Video Quality Adjustment and You can Access them By Just 1 Click.

Streaming and Downloading with IBomma Apk:

Movies List

Streaming Movies, TV Shows and Live Content

Ibomma Has a Huge Database of Top Rated and Latest Movies, Tv Shows and Live Channels, You Can Browse Genre or can Use Search Options to Find Your Desired Movie Instantly. By Clicking on Title You can Get the Options Like Play in SD,HD or in 4k (Video Quality Will Automatically Selected Based on Your Internet Connection).

If You Are Thinking that You Need to Install a Separate Player to Play Movie on Your Android Phone Then You are Wrong, Ibomma Has a Build in Player that Allows to Play Movie, show in Any Quality.

Downloading Movies and Shows for Offline Viewing

One Of The Best Feature Available in Ibomma Apk is Save Offline, This Option Used to Save Your Time and Give you Entertainment Without Depends On Internet Quality. If You Save the Vieo Offline You Not Need to Have a Internet Connection You Can Watch Movies in every Area Which has or dont has internet Connection. When the Downloading is done. Go to Your Local Downloads Folder and Locate the Downloaded Movie and By Clicking it You Can Play it Offline.

The Downloaded Videos is Also Available On the Download Section of the App.

Managing Streaming and Download Preferences

If You Want To add Custom Settings Like (download quality, subtitles, auto-play next episodes, and more.) in the Application You Can Visit Preferences Section To Edit Your Desired Settings.

Troubleshooting Streaming and Download Issues

If you are Getting some Problems Like buffering, slow streams, or failed downloads You SHould Check The Internet Connection if the Connection is Fine You Can Try To Restart Your Device. If THe Both Option is Not Working You Can Also Try Clearing the Cache or data From Your Mobile Settings if You Continuously Getting the Error Please Update Your App to The Latest Version

Getting the Best Video Quality:

Adjusting Video Quality Settings in IBomma

Ibomma Allows You To Set Your Preferences According to your Device and Internet Connection and Make Your Entertainment Environment Better. You Can Set as Default Your Desired Resolution.

Enabling HD Streaming and Downloads

To enable high definition streaming and downloading in IBomma, You Make Sure you Have a Stable or High MPS Internet Connection To Avoid Any Lagging or Buffering in Video, Generally You Need 3 to 5 MBPs for 720p HD.

Fixing Streaming Buffering, Lag and Crashes

Lagging and Buffering are Normally Cause Due to Low Internet Connection but i you Have a Good Internet You Can Try to Clear Cache Your App Data if You Still Getting Error Just Restart Your Device and Problem Will Be Fixed.

Ibomma App Device Compatibility:

If you are Worrying About will Ibomma App will Run on My Device or Not, then You Don’t Have to Worry About it,

Ibomma is Now Available On All Devices, Including Android, IOS, Smart Tv, and As Well as Pc, But the Download Procedure for Other Devices is Different so Before Downloading an App. Make Sure to Read Our Ibomma Download in Pc and IOS Article To Avoid Mistakes.

What’s New in the Latest Version 2.1?

In the Latest Update, Here is the Major Option Now Available:

  1. All New Movies/Web Series Database  is Now Updated
  2. The layout is Now More User-Friendly and Advanced
  3. App Size is reduced
  4. All Bugs are Fixed

Advanced IBomma Features:

Removing Ads In IBomma App:

If You are Facing Multiple ads Problem You Can Fix it By Just Switch of Your Wifi or internet Connection to Avoid Ads But Now You Can Only Play Downloaded Movies or Shows

Downloading Regional and International Content:

Like India has Some OTT Platform Like Bigboss, Colors , Zeetv etc which is not Easy to Find All Over Internet But Ibomma has Also The Regional Content Which is Free of Cost.

Streaming Live Events, Sports and News in IBomma:

While the Sports Event is near Many Website Start Spam BY Just Click baiting The Title but Ibomma is Now Officially Providing All Streaming events Like Sports and News

Frequently Ask Questions (FAQS)

Is IBomma Apk legal and safe to use?

IBomma Apk exists in a legal gray area. We Do not Promote any Illegal Activity, If Someone Found Something Wrong You Can Contact us on Our Gmail [email protected]

Does IBomma Apk have viruses or malware?

From the First Day of Ibomma Apk there is no Complaint About People Are Facing any Virus issue in Ibomma app, So Feel Free to Use it

Does IBomma Apk work on Android TV or Pc?

Yes, Ibomma is Also Works on Android Tv By Casting or By Just Downloading App, For Pc You Can Checkout Our Ibomma For Pc Article.

Why are my IBomma links and streams not working?

Please Update the App to the Latest of App to Avoid any Problem.